StrongBox® Found Throughout Many Northwest Parks & Road Projects

Date Posted: October 17, 2018

“Take a closer look at what’s happening in our Pacific Northwest Region” – Kim Goldenstein, Company Vice President


For more than 25 years our customers in the Pacific Northwest, with its rainy, wet climate, and fluctuating seasonal temperatures, continue to benefit from our high quality StrongBox Enclosures. They are typically used to house irrigation controllers, pumps, and as back flow cages. You’ll find them in a wide variety of regional parks, school landscape projects and along major roadway and DOT projects. Oftentimes, our sturdy, stainless steel enclosures and powder- coated green back flow cages seem to virtually disappear into the surrounding lush landscapes.

We work with regional distributors like HD Fowler, Horizon, Ewing Irrigation, and SiteOne. They provide a high level of customer service throughout the entire Northwest. In particular, they service major metro areas like Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond, Washington, as well as Portland and Salem, Oregon.

A representative from HD Fowler says, “With so much salt air coming from Puget Sound and our predominately wet climate up here, good quality, affordably priced stainless steel StrongBox enclosures are very reliable and hold up well, which is why we find so many architects here regularly specify them. We also like their customer service. We ship MaxiCom controllers down to StrongBox and they assemble the boxes around them, making our lives that much easier,” he says.

Another benefit to using StrongBox Enclosures in this wet climate is the longevity and quality of the seals used to keep the controller inside dry. According to Eric Rippe, a Regional Manager at Horizon, “StrongBox has been so reliable, I think I’ve already seen them specified between 20 and 30 times this year in school and public works projects alone throughout Western Washington. These large numbers are a testimony to the company and its commitment to excellence,” he says.

“Specifiers are so confident that StrongBox will pass the test of time that it has often become the “go to” product for many city projects and local municipalities.”

We have a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our distributors in the Pacific Northwest and are grateful for the role they play in meeting the needs of our customers there. We also rely heavily on the good work of our regional sales reps like Craig Chance ( RG Sales ) who does so much to troubleshoot and educate our distributors and customers.

The kudos about StrongBox continue. “We are very pleased with them and so are our customers,” says Jason LeBold at Ewing Irrigation. “We have had good luck with StrongBox Enclosures for more than 18 years, which is as long as I’ve been here. You can find StrongBox in almost every park in our area and that says a lot about the quality and sustainability of their products.”

If you would like more information about StrongBox Enclosures and our entire product line, please visit or call 800-729-1314.


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