Low Profile Expanded Metal Backflow Enclosures


  • 1-1/2” number 9, flattened expanded metal allows full viewing of backflow preventer
  • Cold rolled, formed steel frame provides strength and stability
  • Lock tab provides for use of padlock
  • Easy lift handles and hinges access provides for service and testing
  • Coated with a performance polymer alloy coating to prevent handling injury.
  • Open diamond-patterned panels minimizes surface area for graffiti
  • One year limited warranty
  • Standard color for powder coated enclosures is dark green. All other colors are available at an extra charge.



Product CodeDimensionsWeight
BC-30CR30"w, 25.5"h, 12"d45lbs
BC-45CR45"w, 31.5"h, 18"d73lbs


This backflow cage is a vandal and weather resistant enclosure formed from expanded metal. The cage is covered with a zinc-based powder coat primer, then powder coated with a polyester TGIC coating having a minimum thickness of 2.5 mils. The cage includes a bracket-mounted hinge that is carriage bolted on one end to allow for removal of the backboard, with and a pad-lockable tab on the other end. The mounting brackets at the base of the cage are to be submerged into concrete a minimum of 2 inches, positioning the enclosure 1-1/2 inches above the surface for drainage purposes. Handles are attached to the sides to allow for raising and lowering of the cage.

  • Our Controller Subassembly includes 120 volt, 15 amp, ground fault protected duplex box with receptacle & locking switch: flexible conduit & condulet; & terminal strips with placards
  • The Thermostatically Controlled Fan is easily installed & can be adjusted in the field to help maintain desired enclosure temperature
  • The Rain Switch Enclosure is designed to protect WCS & Mini-Click Rain Switches from vandalism
  • The Pole Mount Rain Switch Enclosure mounts to 2” galvanized pipe
  • Solar Sync Cover is designed to protect Solar Sync switches from vandalism & made to attach to Strong Box enclosures with gasket seal

Controller Subassembly

CSA36 Stations5lbs
CSA-5252 Stations6lbs

Thermostatically Controlled Fan

OPT-FANTo help maintain desired enclosure temperature4lbs

Rain Switch Enclosures

RGVRSSDesigned to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism2lbs
RGVRSS-PPole Mount – Designed to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism4lbs
SRSESolar Sync Cover1lbs

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