Pump Enclosures Aluminum


  • Marine grade aluminum alloy construction provides lasting durability and strength, with light weight forease of handling
  • 100% stainless steel hardware assures long-term rust proof durability and additional strength
  • Full release locking mechanism requires no tools and provides easy access for service and repair
  • Flush-mounted locking mechanism and sollid sheet construction ensures maximum security
  • Chameleon effect of the natural finish provides an unobtrusive quality
  • Five year limited warranty
  • All aluminum enclosures may be powder coated in many colors at an additional charge



Product CodeDimensionsWeight
PE-40AL40" wide, 39" high, 38" deep98lbs
PE-60AL60" wide, 39" high, 38" deep128lbs
SBBC-40WALHP40" wide, 39" high, 28" deep95lbs


The pump enclosure shall be of a vandal and weather resistant nature manufactured entirely of marine grade aluminum alloy 5052-H32, with a wall thickness of one eighth inch. The mounting base shall be manufacturedentirely of stainless steel. The main housing shall be of solid sheet construction punched on the ends with louvers for ventilation. The enclosure shall be a center split design, having mounting lips on each end. The mounting base shall be submerged into the concrete a minimum of two inches, positioning the enclosure two and one half inches above the concrete for drainage purposes. The locking mechanism shall be of the full release type which allows for complete removal of the enclosure from its mounting base without the use of tools. The locking mechanism shall be a Stainless Steel Cross Bar style and provide for a padlock.

  • Our Controller Subassembly includes 120 volt, 15 amp, ground fault protected duplex box with receptacle & locking switch: flexible conduit & condulet; & terminal strips with placards
  • The Thermostatically Controlled Fan is easily installed & can be adjusted in the field to help maintain desired enclosure temperature
  • The Rain Switch Enclosure is designed to protect WCS & Mini-Click Rain Switches from vandalism
  • The Pole Mount Rain Switch Enclosure mounts to 2” galvanized pipe
  • Solar Sync Cover is designed to protect Solar Sync switches from vandalism & made to attach to Strong Box enclosures with gasket seal

Controller Subassembly

CSA 36 Stations 5lbs
CSA-52 52 Stations 6lbs

Thermostatically Controlled Fan

OPT-FAN To help maintain desired enclosure temperature 4lbs

Rain Switch Enclosures

RGVRSS Designed to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism 2lbs
RGVRSS-P Pole Mount – Designed to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism 4lbs
SRSE Solar Sync Cover 1lbs

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