Patented T-Handle Design Available on All Heavy-Duty Enclosures

Date Posted: November 14, 2023

Tired of reaching down to open your control enclosure and wondering what you may encounter? Scorpions, spiders and other unwelcoming creatures often make their homes in the underside of enclosures, especially in the desert southwest region. You’ve asked for a solution, and we’ve delivered.

As a prominent member of the irrigation industry, StrongBox holds close connections with contractors, landscape architects and specifying engineers throughout the southwest and are always working to improve our product offerings based on feedback we get from the field.

The most recent of these improvements is the new T-handle design which is now available on all heavy duty front-entry enclosures. This new door design offers many benefits over the previous version, including added security and quality of life upgrades for contractors in the field.

Benefits of the New T-Handle Design

  • Patented dual locking design offers more security
  • Minimal access for bugs and debris to enter
  • Ergonomically better handle placement

Better Door Placement for Ease of Use

The previous handle design included a small pad lockable lever at the bottom of the enclosure door, about 6-8 inches from the ground. This made it easier for bugs and debris to enter and more difficult for field operators to open. The new design brings the latch and handle up to the middle of the door, making it more ergonomic and safer to access.

Increased Security of Contents

Not only is the new design more convenient, it’s also more secure. The padlock hasp is now integral to the body of the enclosure, making it impossible to remove the door without first removing the pad lock. A secondary hasp is also present on the T-handle itself – securing it to the door. The final layer of protection is a keyed access door which conceals the entire t-handle mechanism.

This flush mounted access door provides a clean finished look for the enclosure to blend into its environment. Additionally, all components are made of heavy-duty stainless steel for long term vandal and corrosion resistance.

For more information on our new T-handle design for heavy-duty enclosures, contact us online or call 760.735.2450


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