Stainless Steel Meter Pedestal with Enclosure (MPE)

  • Upgrade any MPS Model Number to an MPE
  • Provides maximum storage with attached SB-1852SS Enclosure
  • 100% stainless steel construction assures long term, rustproof durability and additional strength
  • Swingside top of MPS meter allows for full exposure of meter compartment
  • All stainless steel enclosures may be powder coated in various colors at an additional charge
  • EUSERC 308 Compliant
  • Ten year limited warranty
  • NEMA TYPE 3R rated UL Listed
  • Dimensions: 18″ Wide, 52″ High, 32″ Deep



Product CodeDescriptionWeight
MPE-A16-10K100 AMP METER WITH enclosure310lbs
MPE-A16-22K100 AMP METER with enclosure310lbs
MPE-A16-100K100 AMP METER with enclosure310lbs
MPE-A16-200K100 AMP METER with enclosure310lbs
MPE-A24-100K100 AMP METER with enclosure310lbs
MPE-B30-65K 150 AMP METER with enclosure310lbs
MPE-C20-22K200 amp meter with enclosure310lbs
MPE-C30-65K200 amp meter with enclosure310lbs
MPE-C32-22K200 amp meter with enclosure310lbs
MPE-D18-22K100 amp meter with enclosure310lbs
MPE-E24-10K200 amp meter with enclosure310lbs
MPE-BASEDual Mounting Template 8 bolt14lbs


This meter pedestal and enclosure combination is a vandal and weather resistant enclosure formed entirely from stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish. The meter section is located on the top of the pedestal and houses a meter socket and test blocks. The top section uses a side swing style door to fully expose the meter compartment for ease of access to the meter and test blocks. The top is supported by 3 large stainless steel hinges with 1/4” “lift off” style pins that allow the top to be completely removed. A replaceable 5 x 10 inch, 3/16 inch-thick Lexan viewing window is provided for meter reading. The utility compartment is located on the right side of the enclosure and houses the landing lugs.
The 20 x 30 inch customer electrical compartment is located on the left side and is capable of housing up
to a 20 32 circuit load center with a removable dead front protective panel. A stainless steel electrical backboard is provided for ease of wiring and grounding of electrical components. The customer compartment is outfitted with a continuously welded and hemmed, stainless steel door that uses a T handle latching system, hidden behind a flush mounted access door. All doors are equipped with watershed drainage channels and provisions for a padlock, ensuring a watertight and vandal resistant design. An SB-1852SS enclosure is attached to the back of the meter pedestal for additional storage and mounting additional electronic equipment. See Page 4 for specifications on the SB-1852SS. This metered pedestal and enclosure is are NEMA 3R rated and UL 508A listed.

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