StrongBox® Meter Pedestals Win in Georgia with Speed of Delivery and Service

Date Posted: September 27, 2023

Designed to make intersections safer and more efficient for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, modern roundabouts are gaining popularity as an alternative to stop signs and traffic signals. Civil engineers are increasingly turning to this updated traffic configuration to manage traffic flow at intersections.

Adequate and timely lighting plays a crucial role in their success. Each one requires different streetlights around the perimeter to ensure proper illumination for safety. The streetlights use photocells that turn the lighting on when the sun goes down and provide dusk-to-dawn lighting for the roundabout.

When the Georgia Department of Transportation needed meter pedestals to power the lighting control system for their new roundabouts, they ran into availability issues and extended lead times from their traditional suppliers. In addition to quoted lead times of nine to 24 months, the team ran into unexpected delays that further expanded these time frames. Plus, receiving little to no communication about the delays made it hard to determine when the project would be completed.

Facing the possibility of a years-long delay on the roundabout, contractor North Cherokee Electrical and its supplier NC Supply LLC needed to find a manufacturer that could meet the project’s requirements, quote acceptable lead times, and get approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

That’s when NC Supply LLC turned to StrongBox for their electrical meter pedestals. Sales rep Michael Lane explains:

“N.C. Supply LLC reached out to StrongBox when all the quotes we were requesting from other manufacturers began to be delayed or not even getting answered. When we did receive a response, lead times could be out past a year.”

StrongBox was running much shorter lead times than the competition and was able to offer a workable solution for the project. And once StrongBox quotes a lead time, they stick to the timeframe provided or immediately notify their customers of any changes, avoiding any unexpected delays.

Commercial Meter Pedestal

North Cherokee Electrical selected a Commercial Service Pedestal (CSP) that would suit the needs of the roundabout project. Because StrongBox pedestals offer slightly different features than the pedestals typically used in this area, special permission was needed from the Georgia Department of Transportation and other local governing bodies in order for it to be used. StrongBox was happy to comply and shipped a CSP to Georgia for the thorough approval process.

After the success of this project, N.C. Supply approached StrongBox about becoming an official Manufacturers Rep for the brand.

The ability to quote and meet a reasonable lead time is crucial in the public works sector where even small delays can have a major impact on cities and their residents. This was a key factor when deciding to partner with StrongBox. According to Lane:

“Projects started to fall behind due to lead times, we couldn’t provide quotes to our customers in a timely manner. We needed to be able to provide better service to our customers so we reached out to StrongBox and found that they provided quick and accurate pricing, great customer service and reasonable lead times that our customers can work with and that’s why we wanted to team up with StrongBox. Service sells products.”

These principles align with StrongBox’s dedication to providing accurate lead times, transparent communication, and top-notch customer service. With the help of N.C. Supply and North Cherokee Electrical, StrongBox is working on gaining full approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

StrongBox is very excited about this partnership with N.C. Supply LLC which will help us gain traction in the southeast while providing N.C. Supply’s customers with a reliable brand for Meter Pedestals.


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