High Profile Smooth Touch Backflow Enclosures


  • Tube and wire construction provides a smooth surface to protect against handling injury
  • Architectural lines of the enclosure blend beautifully into the landscape environment
  • Coated with a performance polymer alloy coating to prevent handling injury
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Weather resistant
  • Patented locking system accepts padlock
  • Minimal surface area deters graffiti
  • One year limited warranty
  • Standard color for powder coated enclosures is dark green. All other colors are available at an extra charge.



Product CodeDimensionsWeight
SBBC-20SS20"l, 46.5"h, 17.75"w61lbs
SBBC-40SS39.5"l, 39"h, 25.5"w90lbs
SBBC-75SS76.5"l, 39.5"h, 25.5"w150lbs
SBBC-40CR39.5"l, 39"h, 25.5"w90lbs
SBBC-75CR76.5"l, 39"h, 25.5"w150lbs


The backflow enclosure shall be of a vandal resistant nature manufactured of formed cold rolled steel tubing and rod to prevent handling injury. The locking mechanism and mounting hardware shall be manufactured entirely of stainless steel. The frame of the enclosure shall be constructed of one and one quarter inch tubing. The top sides, and end panels shall be constructed of rod welded together forming a one by two inch rectangular pattern. The vertical rod shall be three sixteenths and horizontal rod shall be one eighth inch thick. The SBBC-40CR and SBBC-75CR shall be clam shell design with padlock hasp on to where two pieces join in the closed position. Enclosure ends shall have a mounting lip on each side which attaches to mounting which is submerged into concrete. Enclosure shall be positioned one and one half inches above concrete to allow for drainage. Vandal proof brackets shall be installed during installation. The cover shall be covered with a zinc base powder coat then powder coated with a polyester TGIC coating having a minimum thickness of 2.5 mils.

  • Our Controller Subassembly includes 120 volt, 15 amp, ground fault protected duplex box with receptacle & locking switch: flexible conduit & condulet; & terminal strips with placards
  • The Thermostatically Controlled Fan is easily installed & can be adjusted in the field to help maintain desired enclosure temperature
  • The Rain Switch Enclosure is designed to protect WCS & Mini-Click Rain Switches from vandalism
  • The Pole Mount Rain Switch Enclosure mounts to 2” galvanized pipe
  • Solar Sync Cover is designed to protect Solar Sync switches from vandalism & made to attach to Strong Box enclosures with gasket seal

Controller Subassembly

CSA 36 Stations 5lbs
CSA-52 52 Stations 6lbs

Thermostatically Controlled Fan

OPT-FAN To help maintain desired enclosure temperature 4lbs

Rain Switch Enclosures

RGVRSS Designed to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism 2lbs
RGVRSS-P Pole Mount – Designed to protect WCS and MiniClick-C rain switches from vandalism 4lbs
SRSE Solar Sync Cover 1lbs

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