Disney Theme Parks Worldwide Feature StrongBox Enclosures

Date Posted: October 11, 2018

D.D. Pagano and Associates have enjoyed a 20-plus year relationship with StrongBox. Because of that longevity, it was a natural choice for the irrigation specialists in Orange County to specify the StrongBox product line for their ongoing work with Disney. Today, one can find StrongBox cabinets in almost every Disney property around the world, including Disney’s newest theme park in Shanghai, China.

The employees of StrongBox are extremely proud that our cabinets are used by Disney. It’s very satisfying knowing that our products are working to protect their investments in landscaping from vandalism as well as inclement weather. Our stainless steel construction gives Disney the confidence that there will be no problems with corrosion or issues with workmanship when it comes to our products.

The StrongBox Top Mount SB-16SS was selected for the Shanghai project and blends in amongst the greenery. Disney’s Anaheim, CA Park uses the flip tops where most have been painted the color of the foliage so they completely blend with the landscape. While working on Epcot and Disney World, Pagano specified and installed cabinets mostly behind the scenes during the latest redevelopment projects there.

According to Mark Pagano, a senior executive at the family owned irrigation design firm, “Because StrongBox has a number of different cabinets for all of our needs, we have used them exclusively. They are head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in terms of customer service, reliability, delivery, quality, and giving our customers exactly what they need,” he says. “We’re putting the backbone of the entire irrigation system in their boxes, so they have to stand up, be installed accurately, and be able to deliver. StrongBox always does”.


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