Stainless Steel Pedestal Risers

  • Stainless steel
  • Hardware installed
  • Provides space for additional internal components
  • Pedestal risers makes it easier to work on components inside of our standard enclosures by raising them  off the ground to a more comfortable level.


Product CodeDimensionsWeight
PED-16SS 16"w, 12"h, 15.5"d20lbs
PED-18SS18"w, 12"h, 10"d18lbs
PED-18DSS18"w, 12"h, 20"d23lbs
PED-24SS24"w, 12"h, 10"d22lbs
PED-24DSS 24"w, 12"h, 20"d26lbs
PED-36SS36"w, 12"h, 10"d33lbs
PED-16SSW 16"w, 4"h, 8"d6lbs
PED-LD16 16.75"w, 12"h, 8.25"d18lbs
PT-TEMP185218"w, 9.75"d2lbs