Stainless Steel Meter Pedestal (MPS)

  • Provides metered power distribution for street lighting, park lighting, private development lighting, signage, irrigation, pump, and cellular applications
  • 100% stainless steel construction assures long term, rustproof durability and additional strength
  • Swingside top allows for full exposure of meter compartment
  • Top is easier to open and control than fliptops, and locks open for safety
  • All stainless steel enclosures may be powder coated in various colors at an additional charge
  • Double door design
  • Anchors included
  • Ten year limited warranty
  • NEMA TYPE 3R UL Listed



Product CodeDescriptionWeight
MPS-A16-10K100 amp meter/100 amp load center 16 pos. with main 1 phase210lbs
MPS-B16-10K100 amp meter/150 amp load center 16 pos. with main 1 phase210lbs
MPS-C20-10K200 amp meter/200 amp load center 20 pos. with main 1 phase210lbs
MPS-C32-10K200 amp meter/200 amp load center 32 pos. with main 1 phase210lbs
MPS-D18-10K100 amp meter/100 amp load center 18 pos. with main 3 phase210lbs
MPS-E24-10K200 amp meter/200 amp load center 24 pos. with main 3 phase210lbs
MPS-BASESingle Mounting Template 4 Bolt7lbs


The meter pedestal shall be made entirely of stainless steel, #4 brushed finish, utilizing all welded construction providing superior vandal and weather resistance. The top shall be a side swing style that locks out for safety. The side swing top shall fully expose the meter compartment for ease of setting the meter and access to the test blocks. The top shall be supported by 3 large all stainless steel hinges with 1/4” pins that are “lift off” style allowing the top to be completely removed. A replaceable 5” x 10”, 3/16” thick Lexan viewing window shall be provided. The meter socket test block compartment shall be equipped with a watershed drainage channel and overlapping equipment panels that ensures a watertight design. Within the top meter compartment the meter socket test block assembly shall be installed. The top shall be completely pad lockable and accept a utility seal. The utility compartment shall be located on the right side and house the landing lugs. A cover panel that can accommodate a padlock and utility seal shall be provided.

The left side of the pedestal shall house the 20” x 30” customer electrical compartment. This compartment shall be outfitted with a fully welded and hemmed stainless steel gasketed door that closes against a watershed drainage channel. The door design and all stainless steel T-handle latching system shall ensure water tightness and vandal resistance. The interior portion of this compartment shall house up to a 20 circuit capable load center with a removable protective panel. A stainless steel electrical backboard shall be provided for ease of wiring and grounding of electrical components. The pedestal assembly shall be a single phase or three phase, 120V/240V or 480V rated unit. The enclosure shall be rainproof NEMA TYPE 3R and the assembly shall be listed by Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. for service entrance equipment.

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