Heavy Duty Top Entry Enclosures

Date Posted: May 2, 2024

StrongBox Heavy Duty Control Enclosures are preferred by landscape architects and specifiers across the U.S. for their clean look and long lasting durability. While many styles of heavy duty enclosures are offered, the top entry style enclosures have many advantages for both the installer and the maintenance team.

Ergonomic Design

The Top Entry enclosure brings controls up higher for easier viewing and programing. The perfectly angled tray faces the control panel towards the user for a more natural working position. Both of these design benefits mean less physical strain on the operator when viewing and setting controls.

StrongBox always considers the ease of use as well as the safety of the end user when designing our enclosures. For example, the flip top lid opens a full 90 degrees and the weight of the lid keeps it open, providing easy access to the control tray. Gas shocks also ensure the lid opens and closes softly to prevent accidental injury.

Lasting Durability and Looks

The slope of the enclosure lid provides multiple benefits for both aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Due to the reflective nature of stainless steel, the angled face typically picks up colors of surrounding trees and foliage which helps the enclosure blend into its surroundings. The sloped face also breaks up the angles of the enclosure, providing a more natural, unobtrusive look.

If blending in is not a concern, this face can be used as a prominent location for company logos and important safety information as it is perfectly sloped towards a person’s line of sight.

In addition to appearance, the slope angle also directs water down the enclosure face and away from electronics. With very little surface area for water, dust, or debris to settle on top, the enclosure can better resist corrosion and unsightly build up.

Additional Storage

StrongBox Top Entry enclosures feature a large storage compartment at the bottom to conceal wiring and additional components. This compartment has a separate access door at the front of the enclosure with a keyed quarter turn latch for security. This design offers two main benefits;

  1. Provides a cleaner look and focused workspace for the control operator.
  2. Keeps wiring secure so only authorized personnel can access.


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